The Global Dying: Please Save

Dear friends:  The following prayer is good for Hoshana Rabba.  Gabbai Seth Fishman, BLOG Editor.

by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
(tr: Gabbai Seth Fishman)

Additionally, Reb Zalman says, “In the traditional versions, Hosha’ana 4, 5 and 6 have strong ecological concerns and were the encouragement to offer these:”

The Fourth Procession

Oh Lord and Redeemer!
We turn to You to save us.
Your grace and power has helped us in the past.
We now turn to You.
Sustain all inhabitants of the planet,
Plants, animals and humans.
Increase fertility on Earth.
Cause all growth to flourish.
Save every shrub.
Condemn not the Earth to infertility.
Sweeten and save her fruit.
Urge the clouds descend down their showers.
Hold not back the rain.
Satisfy everyone who is thirsty with water.
Yes, save us all, our Lord!

The Fifth Procession

Keep us in life, both humans and animals.
You made us flesh, spirit and soul.
You made us beautiful,
Shining and glorious of stature.
Please, renew the face of the earth.
Cause trees to sprout from arid soil.
Bless our winepress and the fields of grain,
The vineyards in the shade trees.
Let reviving rains give off their fragrance
To make the Earth fertile,
To strengthen the buds,
To bring fruits to ripeness.
Send gentle rain to the newly planted seedlings,
And when the rain is needed,
Let the cool water flow,
To come down to nourish the growth.
Sustain our mother the Earth
which You lovingly created.
Yes! Save our Earth suspended in space.

The Sixth Procession

Protect Earth from devastation,
Our cattle from sterility,
Our threshing floor from infestation,
Our silos from fire,
Our feed from destruction.
Guard our olives from falling before they are ripe,
Our fruit from hail and blasting winds.
Save our wheat from grasshoppers,
Our barley from mildew,
Our vines from caterpillars.
Protect our produce from swarms of locusts.
Keep our flocks from ravaging diseases.
Please keep our harvests safe,
Our savings from catastrophe,
Our souls from terror,
We pray!

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  1. Aryae Coopersmith Says:

    Thank you Reb Zalman! Wendy & I will make these part of our Hoshana Rabba this year.

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