Hoshanot / Please Save!

The Hoshanot / Please Save! prayers are recited while walking with the Lulav and Etrog around the Torah desk, each day of Sukkot on its day as part of the morning service.  All seven are then also recited on Hosha’na Rabba / THE GREAT ‘PLEASE SAVE!’ DAY.  Traditionally, each set of prayers followed the Aleph Bet with a different theme running through the phrases (e.g. Save us as per Your divine attributes, Save as per qualities of the holy Jerusalem temple of yore, etc.)  As we are dealing with the health of our mother, the planet, Reb Zalman has composed Hoshanot based upon the days of creation.   Gabbai Seth Fishman, BLOG Editor

Hoshanot Prayers
by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Yom Rishon / Sunday’s-turn (let there be light!)
Hosha’na / Please Save! For the sake of  the Aura of life, the Beams of Light, the Clearness of Light, the Dynamics of Light, the Effulgence of Light, the diFfraction of light, the Glory of light, the Haloes of light, the Illumination of light, the Joys of sight. 

Yom Sheni / Monday’s-turn (dividing of waters above and below)
Hosha’na / Please Save! For the sake of the Karma of the separation of sky and water, the Luminosity of the sky, the Majesty of the sky, the Nourishment that comes in rain from the sky, the Orient and Occident in the sky, the Purple sunset sky, the Quality of purity of the sky, the Range of the sky, the Stretch of the firmament of the sky, the Treasures of rain that pours from the sky. 

Yom Shlishi / Tuesday’s-turn (creation of plants)
Hosha’na / Please Save! For the sake of the Ubiquity of the plants, the Variety of the plants, the Wellness of the plants, the Xanthia gum trees, the Yucca plants, the Zucchinis and Zinnias, the Aspen trees, the Berry bushes, the Chlorophyll made by the leaves, the Date palms.

Yom R’vii / Wednesday’s-turn (Sun, moon and stars)
Hosha’na / Please Save! For the sake of the Earth and planets, the Faraway stars, the Galaxies in space, the Horizons of the sky, the Infinity of space, the Joyous music of the spheres, the Komets and Asteroids, the Location of Latitude and Longitude on the maps, the Moons around the planets, the Nodes of the Zodiac.

Yom Chamishi / Thursday’s-turn (birds and reptiles)
Hosha’na / Please Save! For the sake of Owls and Other Oviparous life, Perches and Plovers, Quail and Quahogs, Robins and Red Snappers, Seagulls and Swordfish, Turtles and Turtledoves, Univalves, Varieties of Plankton, Waterfowl and Whales, Yellowtails other Tunas. 

Yom HaShishi / Friday’s-turn (Mammals and Adam / human-kind)
Hosha’na / Please Save! For the sake of Zebus and Zebras, Aardvarks and Armadillos, Bears and Babies, Children and Chimpanzees, Deer, Elks and Moose, Fawns and Families, Giraffes and Gorillas, Homo Sapiens and Hominids, Instinctual and Intelligent life.

Yom HaShabat / Saturday’s-turn (Day of Rest)
Hosha’na / Please Save! For the sake of our letting Earth rest, letting Earth heal, letting Earth recover, leaving Earth in peace, letting people find their center, letting people enjoy rest and freedom, letting children romp, living the Shabbat in mindfulness, loving others and ourselves, letting being do all the doing.

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