Teshuvah in the Age of Aquarius

Dear Friends:

Here is the Course Outline for Teshuvah in the Age of Aquarius, a class inspired by the teachings of Reb Zalman (a’h). It will be one of the afternoon week-long classes offered at the Aleph Kallah, July 11th-17th in Fort Collins, CO. Hope to see you there! Gabbai Seth Fishman

Session I

Course Map
Becoming acquainted

Jewish Renewal and you
Jewish Renewal and me

RZ Niggun: V’Taher Libeinu
Heart-openings, Expanding our inner space

1.Placing God in front of me
2.Tapping into our vulnerability
3.Accessing invisible support
4.Carving out inner space
6.Ribono Shel Olam, Gottenyu, closeness

Exercise and sharing: Inward attention
Traditions of Teshuvah

1.In Hasidut and Kabbalah
2.In Mussar
3.Bein adam l’vein Makom
4.Bein adam l’vein chavero
5.Degrees of Transparency (Galui V’yadua)

a)Aware, acknowledged, taking ownership
b)Aware, questioning role, feeling victimized

RZ Niggun: L’cha Amar Libi
Jewish Meditation, averas detectors

1.Devekut, tuning in
2.Shiviti Hashem, we are cells of the global brain
3.RZ’s Blue Jeans Spirituality, creating reminders

Spiritual Buddies

Session II

Session I Review and Sharing
Paradigm Shift

1.Copernican revolution
2.Yochanan Ben Zakkai
3.RZ’s Weltanschauung
4.Ontogeny and Philogeny
5.Plus ca change plus que c’est le meme chose

Fourth Turning of Hasidut

1.Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius
2.Kumran, Yehudah hahasid of Regensburg, The Baal Shem Tov, Jewish Renewal
3.Davenology and Avodah

Psycho Halachah

3.Gaia and Melech haolam

Teshuvah through the ages Overview

2.Temple times
3.Middle Ages
4.At present

Spiritual Buddies

Session III

Teshuvah through the ages Experiential

2.Temple times
3.Middle Ages

Teshuvah In the Age of Aquarius

1.Our bodies
2.Our actions

a)Regarding those with whom we live
b)Regarding those with whom we work

(1)Fighting Injustice
(2)Helping those in need

3.Our mental health

a)Receptivity for Feedback
b)Establishing close contacts
c)Scheduling times

4.Our davening life

b)Bringing concerns to God
c)Deep listening for answers


b)Acceptance of self

6.Following your passion

a)Hunger for God-energy, Torah-energy
b)Sense of purpose:

(1)Is your life going where you want it to?

7.Tikkun Olam

a)Weapons of mass destruction
b)Destruction of environment
c)War and violence

(1)And your role in all the above

8.Your family

a)How satisfied / frustrated are you with your family
b)Do you “teach them to your children”
c)Do you “honor father and mother”
d)Do you have Shalom Bayit

Being frum by itself won’t fix this

1.Healing our bodies
2.Changing ourselves
4.Community (Consensus of the Committed)
5.Drawing from the best of each age

Spiritual Buddies

Session IV

Renewal is not Heresy

1.Jewish Future
4.As above, so below
5.Sitting with Questions

Yavneh II is needed

1.Role of women
2.Role of psycho-halachah
3.Role of kabbalah
4.Role of davvenen
5.Role of Gratitude
6.Blue Jeans Spirituality
7.What to bring to Shul
9.Deep Ecumenism

Spiritual Buddies and closing

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