“Sidrei Taharot” Endorsements

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The Yahrzeit of Rabbi Gershon Chanoch Leiner of Radzin (1839-1891) is commemorated on the 4th of Tevet. The following praise of his works appeared in Sefer HaHasidut, Meah Tzadikim, Raphael, Yitzchak, 1961, Tel Aviv. (Freely translated by Gabbai Seth Fishman.)

Gedolim Among Endorsers for “Sidrei Taharot”

Rabbi Yosef Saul Nathanson of Lvov:

“Truth will out, a thing of truth, that it was in my winter days and, just as with the author, so there arose in my heart something as the author has accomplished and the idea left its mark on me, impressions about all the lost gemara of Masechet Keilim. To truly attest, many troubles  surrounded my attempts and also I had seen in stories in praise of my ancestor the Gaon Maharal of Prague z’l that he also established a reconstruction like this; but his was lost in a fire, a setback. However in my heart the teachings were inaccessible, who would would give them back? And it was a man of valour who knew to arrange a great collection of related material like this — good will come forth from this for Beit Yisrael and, all of Israel will be blessed by it. Now it has happened and I see that the aforementioned Rav the Gaon has made  his heart ready and worked and did this great collection.”

Rabbi Yitzchak Elchanan of Kovno:

“Great is the utility from this work for anyone who comes to deal with the order of Taharot, for according to the fact that they tend to greatly trip one up when they look at first glance, tending to diminish the import of the words of the original commentators z’l, those ancient ones, and in this work, the precious collection, those ancient ones would find satisfaction in all the work deals with, thank God.”

Rabbi Shimshon Rafael Hersh of Frankfurt:

“His fine and precious book upon which he worked and which he made, to his great credit, with his understanding hands, for the excavations of his fingers drew from a well of the Tahorot to ascend the ladder of wisdom and to expand knowledge. Therefore, may Hashem reward him and establish his word. May God bless his strength so that the work of his hands are accepted by many. May he truly harvest the fruit of deserved gratitude from all lovers of wisdom and its effects.”

Rabbi Meir Leibush Ben Yehiel Michal (Malbi’m):

“I found in it roses with spikenard and all precious fruits, completely good and deserved of blessing. “

Rabbi Chaim Hezekiah Medini Baal “Sdei Chemed”:

“And he should merit to present his pure thought to accomplish the same kind of publication to touch upon all of the order of Taharot, so that the entire house of Israel could walk in His light, for this book satisfied a longing soul  in devotion of that One’s spacious hands.”

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