Praises From The Alter Rebbe

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The Yahrzeit of Rabbi Abraham of Kalisk (1741-1810) is commemorated on the 4th of Shvat. The following praise for his works appeared in Sefer HaHasidut, Meah Tzadikim, Raphael, Yitzchak, 1961, Tel Aviv. (Freely translated by Gabbai Seth Fishman.)

The Baal Tanya in his praising of Rabbi Avraham

“… And behold, my beloved ones, my dear fellows and my friends:

“Without a doubt you know; in all certainty you comprehend how precious, how wonderful, how great is the strengthening of adherence to mitzvot, the strengthening of yeshivot of the [Holy] Land for it is considerable!

“For the same can be said with respect to reigning in one single house in which they previously rejected the stringent mitzvot of the Shabbos!

“And also, in addition, to revive many innocent souls who are serving Hashem inĀ  holiness and in purity and becoming sanctified and purified!

“[All this is] due to the holiness and the holy purity of our master, our teacher, morenu haRav Avraham hakohen, the great one of his fellows.

“May haRav Avraham, who fills a place of holiness of Rabbeinu hakadosh, [the Maggid of Mezritch], (may his memory be a blessing for life eternal), live in wisdom and awe.”

(Likutei Amarim, Letter 26)

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