He Was Never False

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The Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yaakov Aryeh of Radzimin (1792-1877) is commemorated on the 18th of Tammuz. The following meise / hasidic tale appeared in Sefer HaHasidut, Meah Tzadikim, Raphael, Yitzchak, 1961, Tel Aviv. (Freely translated by Gabbai Seth Fishman.)

He Was Never False

First, the Tzaddik Rabbi Yaakov had traveled to be with the Maggid of Kozhnitz ztzvk’l.

Then, he spent some time basking in the shadow of Rabbi Simchah Bunim of Pshischah ztzvk’l. He was his star pupil.

As is well-known, Rabbi Simcha Bunim was an abundant source of light; and so was his student for, it was in Rabbi Bunim’s presence that he would get to recite his lessons.

Once, they were touching upon an area which talks about bringing to life the dead.

The student said:

“I wish that my teacher and master would reveal to me the name that has the power of bringing to life the dead.”

His teacher answered him:

“This secret isn’t revealed except to those with discretion.”

The student said:

“Indeed, I am discreet and so according to this, it could be shared with me.”

Rabbi Simchah Bunim answered:

“I will reveal it to you on condition that you will never utilize this name, for with it, it is possible to bring to life those who are dead.”

Rabbi Yaakov, (olav hashalom), agreed and the teacher revealed the secret to him.

Years later, a nearby Hasid was coming to Rabbi Yaakov with a petition to pray for a sick and dying man, (the merciful One protect him). The matter touched the heart of the Tzaddik.

He broke his promise to his master and teacher and made use of the name he had learned from him. For what should he not do on behalf of this sick one near death?

Over the course of time, the Tzaddik, Rabbi Yaakov fell sick and it seemed that in some few number of days he would be dying; and he lay there unconscious.

However, something happened; he did not die!

When he regained consciousness, those who were close to him asked what he had seen when he almost departed.

He told them that they had wanted to sentence him to death for having used the name.

An angel came to his defense. He placed the guilt onto Rabbi Simcha Bunim because Rabbi Bunim had taught him the name.

They brought the Peshischa [angel] who argued that regarding this matter, Rabbi Yaakov had promised to not reveal the secret.

The supernal court ruled:

They should search and investigate if he had ever lied in some matter. If not, the ruling was that he should be pardoned for this offense.

Upon investigation, they found that he had never broken his promise, not even a single time – and so, they pardoned him.

(The Amazing Practicality of the Rav, the Tzaddik Rabbi Yaakov Aryeh of Radzimin.)


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  1. M'nikkah Says:

    Just a very crazy (just like me in this blessed year) guess but here walks in a wild guess: the name was ” passion ” ? How does it translate in Hebrew? Just Curious yet willing not to get the answer since I am hopelessly lost in the virtual complexities of reality. Still passionate enough tho’ to believe that one day I’ll receive an answer ” au Clair de la lune ” and that therefore, all is well out of time, out of mind. Now go figure if you must with the help ( read LIGHT ) of a still small willing sun’s VOICE blowing on the wind while the saints, the saints and the dames are marching in ( read “deplOYing” ) L’Chai’i’m v’ Simchatenu b’Ahavat Emet.
    KOl TOv KO TO, Ya’ll have yourself a happy littl’ for-giving Sunday and a Tammuzian and angelic Mon’day ; ~)

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