His Teacher’s Perception of His Deep-Minded Reflections

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The Yahrzeit of Rabbi Zev of Zhitomir (d. 1800) is commemorated on the 14th of Adar (II) (Purim). The following meise / hasidic tale appeared in Sefer HaHasidut, Meah Tzadikim, Raphael, Yitzchak, 1961, Tel Aviv. (Freely translated by Gabbai Seth Fishman.)

Rabbi Zev Follows Suit with the Objective of His Master, the Maggid

One night, in their sleeping quarters, the students of the Maggid (Rabbi Dov Ber of Mezritch) were discussing a particular teaching of their master.

The Maggid sent a message to them, telling them to leave off discussing the words of his teaching, for he was not able to sleep – and so, they stopped; all was quiet.

Later, the Maggid sent to them again, saying that they were not letting him sleep.

They said:

“Look! We have already become quiet!”

He asked them to check on the holy Rav, Rabbi Zev Wolf of Zhitomir, to see what he was doing.

They found him sitting, absorbed in his thoughts on the teaching.

The Maggid ordered him not to think about it – and afterwards, the Maggid was able to sleep.

(Shlomo’s House)

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