Yesod Sheb’Yesod

This year, Yesod Sheb’Yesod falls on Sunday night, May 30th, 2011.

Schemuel writes: 

“I need to come up with a speech on 41st day of Omer, which is Yesod sheb’Yesod.  Could you give me some ideas/ thoughts for such a speech please?”

Gabbai Seth Fishman‘s reply:

The week of Yesod is associated with Yosef the tzadik and Tamar the tzadika.

Through Yesod, we funnel God’s kingdom into our plane.  It is about connecting the higher worlds to this one. 

Yesod is the last Sefirah of Ze’er Anpin ( זעיר אנפין)

 [NOTE:  Ze’er Anpin / little face, a shorthand for the Sefirot associated with the Vav of the divine name, viz. Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod.]

It is on the central pillar of Keter, Tiferet, Yesod, Malchut.  It is thus a vital connector for flows from above to below and below to above. 

Here’s a way to think about it:

There is something about intimacy in Yesod, the “joining” of lower worlds with upper ones, i.e. pulling holiness into our world, the lover and the Tzadik as one person.   

What does it take to have successful loving?  It requires soul connection which goes beyond a physical approach or technique. 

When we listen to an “other” while working to keep thoughts and feelings in the background thereby giving the other the gift of being heard, it sets up a possibility of receptivity and, in turn, a deep connection. 

Yesod has the distinction of enabling connection. 

Further zeroing in to Yesod Sheb’Yesod:

On a high level, the whole week of Yesod has these themes.  When we get to the day-to-day for the week of Yesod, the days in sequence have a flow that leads to maximized successful Yesod energy going through Chesed Sheb’Yesod (day 1), Gevurah Sheb’Yesod (day 2), Tiferet Sheb’Yesod (day 3), Netzach Sheb’Yesod (day 4) and Hod Sheb’Yesod  (day 5) getting to Yesod ShebYesod (day 6), (and followed by Malchut Sheb’Yesod on day 7). 

With Chesed Sheb’Yesod, we are accepting our Yesod energy and forgiving any past sins that might have harmed it. 

In Gevurah Sheb’Yesod, we are being realistic, brutally honest with ourselves, (as best we can). 

With Tiferet Sheb’Yesod, we balance the two and come up with a good, realistic plan to get our Yesod energy into the world. 

With Netzach Sheb’Yesod, we put our plan into effect having meetings with our Yesod team and running those meetings effectively. 

With Hod Sheb’Yesod, we make sure that there is a shine on the apple, i.e., we take the aesthetic element into account. 

On Yesod ShebYesod, we build our Yesod factory to manufacture Yesod energy and we get everything ready so that it can be launched.

Finally, on Malchut Sheb’Yesod, the Yesod energy is so installed in our awareness, that we become conduits for tikkun olam and prepare the way for the week of Malchut which means no less than the redemption. 

As we enable connection with “other” we learn to trust and be trusted, we become vulnerable in safety which allows us to discuss deepest values and beliefs. 

“We want Mashiach now.”  Yesod is about making for the possibilty of connecting on this and other topics. 

May you be blessed to enable deep connection on Yesod sheb’yesod this year.

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  1. Volver Says:

    “Keter, Tifereth, Yesod, Malchut”

    Please take a look on this name in chinese letters:

    卡爾 – 約瑟夫·馬洛

    Kǎ’ěr – yuēsèfu·mǎ luò

    The point between yuesefu and ma means Sheng “life” and is comparable to the word Tifereth.

    Tikkun Olam = Chiun Olam (= El Olam).

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