Publications, etc., by Reb Zalman (a’h)

Rabbi Daniel Siegel sends the following: The ALEPH Canada Web Site,, offers Reb Zalman’s books, CD’s and DVD’s as digital downloads. Prices are in Canadian dollars. Other items listed below are offered by Amazon.

Here is the current listing (updated 7/10/2018):

* Credo of a Modern Kabbalist (with Daniel Siegel) ($18)

* An English Siddur for Weekdays (temporarily unavailable)

* First Steps to a New Jewish Spirit (with Donald Gropman) (available from Amazon)

* Gate to the Heart: An Evolving Process (edited by Robert Esformes) (available from Amazon)

* A Guide for Starting Your New Incarnation (with Daniel Siegel) ($10)

* Integral Halachah: Transcending and Including (with Daniel Siegel) ($10)

* Jewish with Feeling: A Guide to Meaningful Jewish Practice (with Joel Segel) (available from Amazon)

* The Kabbalah of Tikkun Olam (edited by Daniel Siegel) ($10)

* Renewal is Judaism NOW (edited by Daniel Siegel) ($10)

* Spiritual Economics: You Can Get Anything You Want In Ad-on-I’s Restaurant (edited by Daniel Siegel) ($10)

* The Tree of Life of Sacred Time (translated and edited by Daniel Siegel) ($10)

* Words of Light Shabbaton Writings (temporarily unavailable)

* At the Rebbe’s Table: Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi’s Legacy of Songs and Music: Volume II (edited by Eyal Rivlin with Netanel Miles-Yepez) (available from Amazon, sheet music only)

* Into My Garden: Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi’s Legacy of Songs and Music: Volume I (edited by Eyal Rivlin and Netanel Miles-Yepez) (available from Amazon, sheet music and audio)

* Yom Kippur Kattan and the Cycles of T’shuvah (edited by Daniel Siegel) ($10 book and audio package)

* Davvening with Reb Zalman: An Audio Siddur ($10)

* For Your Healing ($10)

* Psalms in English

* Transpersonal Mass in Bombay ($10)

* Your Glory Shines/Prelude to a Rendezvous with the Beloved ($10)

* In Your Light We See Light: Celebrating the Legacy of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi ( a film by Sally Plone) (temporarily unavailable)

* Space Within: A Four-Part Series (filmed by Ayla Grafstein) (temporarily unavailable)

* Transmitting the Blessing: Reb Zalman’s Valedictory to the 11th Kallah(filmed by Sally Plone) (temporarily unavailable)

* What’s New in Jewish Renewal (filmed by Ayla Grafstein) (temporarily unavailable)

* Yishm’ru Da’at (produced by Marcia Prager) (temporarily unavailable)

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