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A quick survey of YouTube returns a long list of videos featuring Reb Zalman.  They are listed here in the following categories:

Jewish Renewal, Organismic Paradigm, Reb Zalman Davvenen, Inner Life, KavvanahCalendar/Lifecycle,  Intimacy and Spirit, From Age-ing to Sage-ing, Deep Ecumenism, Tshuvah,  Reminiscences, Psychedelics, Communities.

With gratitude to the many videographers, (most notably, Rabbi Sarah Leah).

Jewish Renewal

Hello Renewal
Reb Zalman reviews his legacy
What is Jewish Renewal?
Renewal Visions for future
Renewal Visions for future 2

Organismic Paradigm

We are just a cell
Shifting toward healing the planet


Tour of Reb Zalman’s davvenen space
Putting on the tallis
Praising with Heart and Flesh
Andalucian Zikr

Inner Life

In Your Blessed Hands
Covenant is unique to yiddishkeit
Rosh Hashanah inner work
Rosh Hashanah inner work 2
Freeze-dried Psalm 23 as Reb Zalman heats it up
Affirmations and Jew-ing
Interpersonal aspects of the inner life
Reb Zalman’s legacy of increasing attunement
Using the imagination, Baal Shem Tov and Star Trek
On relating to God during prayer and role of ego
On Avot 1:14
The Baal Shem‘s Spirit

  • Kiss of God, shmooze with Father Thomas Keating, descriptions of closeness with God that they share

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


Changing Focus (Bee bop Rabbi),


Kabbalah of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur
The Kabbalah of the Calendar
Rosh Hashanah tales as told by the Maggid Reb Zalman
Rosh Hashanah inner work
Rosh Hashanah inner work 2

  • Shavuot, Book of Ruth

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

Elat Chayyim Simchat Torah with Reb Zalman
Simchat Torah with Reb Zalman (torah service)
Naming a baby

Intimacy and spirit

Intimacy in the context of Aging

From Age-ing to Sage-ing

Invocation for the Elders
Background of idea for Age-ing to Sage-ing
Background of idea for Age-ing to Sage-ing 2
Aging and extended consciousness
Medicine, Inner Doctor, Kavannah for transplants
Intimacy in the context of Aging

  • Transitions from living to dying

Legacies, financial and otherwise
Aging, loneliness, transitions
In Your Blessed Hands
Social virtual networks

Deep Ecumenism

What is faith and how to get past differences
First meeting with Thomas Merton described

Kiss of God, shmooze with Father Thomas Keating, descriptions of closeness with God that they share (see it above in Inner Life section)


Respecting that which is greater than I
Another Renewal Vision for future


About Shlomo
About Shlomo (cont.)
In memoriam for Rabbi Marshal Meyer


Psychedelic Research Series


Grant us peace
Visiting with Romemu part 1

(At Romemu, Zalman is at these times: 1:31, 7:49 – Zalman identifies as 2011 Orthodox, 20:36, 26:14 – The Growing Edge, 31:33 – If one is so Universalistic, why do Jewish?, 37:31, 42:49 – Sefer Barrier, 51:16 – on Hebrew)

Visiting with Romemu part 2 (Q&A)

(Zalman: 1:55, 4:11, 7:43,  8:34, 13:08, 14:35, 16:19) 

Zalman at Boulder Farbrengen
Come to Elat Chayyim
Reb Zalman comes to P’nai Or Philadelphia

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  1. Aarmèse de Ragaut Moras Says:

    I am a permanent apostate of Roman Catholicism. In the 1960’s & 70″s I participated in Roman Catholic Charismatic renewal. Jesus was a Jew named Yeshua bar-Yosef, married with children & born on Monday, 26-27 June at 00:00 hours in Beyt-Lechem. Yeshua was to be the Mellek Yisro’el but conspiracies did not allow. I am so impressed that Rebbe Zalman S.-S was inspired by the reading of the Dead Sea Scrolls which I too have great knowledge.

    I support & welcome the new Jewish Renewal activity that you have put into place for all to support some sort of awareness, be it spiritual or just expanded beyond the rest of our experience on Earth. Please keep this letter in mind as I feel that I have something to contribute to the Jewish Renewal’s set of raison d’être. Yeshua was the leader of the Essenes/Assaya in Hebrew… Ta’almidim ha Halachah was to be their new name after Yeshua’s second death in 35 CE. If Rabbi Zalman gets this, please contact me in Vancouver, BC. Aarmèse de Ragaut Moras B.A. Religious Studies – 1977, B.A. Fine Arts – 1983 more detail later, chef, fashion designer, multimedia artist, healer, kabbalist astrologer, biblical expert, etc…

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