Psychic Cleaning for Tzoris

Here’s another piece from Reb Zalman’s Yishmru Da’at work, from the section on Purim.  Blessings to you and yours, Gabbai Seth Fishman, BLOG Editor

“Blot out the memory of Amalek” (Deut: 25:19),
meaning that from the memory of Amalek [having hurt you], you must be purified from all unclean pain, [i.e., pain plus lost confidence, or pain plus self-blame, or pain plus irrational fear, etc.], so that you can stay in touch with your real situation at present.  [Being more in touch] will, in turn, enable you to understand choices for further action in your struggles with the enemy.  And if there has been no introspection and examination  regarding the enemy, you must purify from complex, past pain.  It may have come from an enemy other [than your present one], or it may have come from conditions of other times or places which may not be directly connected to the present [attacks].  Since our having been attacked [means] we were in proximity with oppressors, blot out their names, and we should regard them as the Inquisition that came to remove us from society and to extinguish our spirit, (as in the example of Hanukkah), or the oppressors who came to annihilate our bodies, (as Haman on Purim).


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  1. Schmuel Weiner Says:

    Yes our God demands Rache and some one whose mother escaped from Austria in 1934 and thus I am no korbon. But the Esther verses you quote was what Hitler picked up on in Esther-Purim was banned in Deutscland im driien Reich. Most Jews do not know the extent of the revenge Jews took on Persians which historically is different to understand aber es unser Geschichte see film(Ewige Jude). I looked up some of the Christian Evangelical churches in!937(Vischer 1937 Studieren in Alte Testament) The God of Israel is a Vengeful God and beware Deutscher).The Confessing Protestant church did not se Hitler as the Moshiach. Anyways I think I know where you are coming from but some of your Midrashim are a little too fanciful for this atheistic leaning agnostic(Dawkins and was am a Jabotinsky supporter.

    Am Yisrael hai und NIEMAL WIEDERS) ich nicht anders (Luther)

    sei gesint

    Schmuley LhiT

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