Hoisting Me, Heave Ho!

The following text by Reb Zalman is from this week’s Torah portion, Shabbos Terumah. (Click here for Hebrew/English version). [Notes by Gabbai Seth Fishman, BLOG Editor]:

And have them take for me an offering” (Exodus 25:2)

[NOTE:  The word “offering” is a translation of Terumah, the name of this week’s portion.  The word comes from the root רום   (reish-vav-mem) which means height.  In ancient time, the sacrifice was raised by the priest in an up-down direction.  Tenufah, another ritual, had the sacrifice moved side to side.] 

They should take the “Me,”

[NOTE:  The word  לי  can be read as “for me” as in the text, or it can be read as the direct object, as in “Have them take Me.] 

which is continually with them,

[NOTE:   In the innermost I-am-that-I-am-ness, the nominative of the nominative has havaye manifesting in each one of us.]

which will effect a raising to Hashem

You shall take Terumati / My heave offering / the raising of Me” (ibid.)

[NOTE:  Being in God’s presence creates a kind of inner-elevator which in turn sends blessings toward heaven which are accepted by God as Terumah / heave offerings.]

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
from Yishmiru Daat (2009 revision),
Parashat Terumah,” p. 32

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