Gevurah time

For me and others, Reb Zalman shows us ways to bring the Sefirot inside.  There are seven times seven days between the night of the second Seder and Shavuoth.   We count these days and weeks as follows:  Day 1 is chesed of chesed; day 49 is malchut of malchut.  In between, we go chesed of chesed, gevurah of chesed, tiferet of chesed, netzach of chesed, hod of chesed, yesod of chesed, malchut of chesed, chesed of gevurah, etc., through malchut of malchut

If this doesn’t mean anything to you, then a good place to begin is Chaplain Gloria Krasno’s meditations for Gevurah.  Enjoy!  Gabbai Seth Fishman, BLOG Editor









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  1. Miriam Pat Says:

    For those of us who have enjoyed Gal-or-Ya’s Counting of the Omer over the past few years, it is a treat to see this being published on Reb Zalman’s website. Enjoy, everyone! Miriam in Milwaukee

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