An Affirmation on the Tree of life

I found the following piece by Reb Zalman in 49 Gates of Light: Kabbalistic Meditation for Counting the Omer, by Rabbi Yonassan Gershom.  Rabbi Gershom reprinted this from the B’nai Or Newsletter 1983 issue. 

I affirm the power of positive affirmations.
I affirm that the Shekhinnah surrounds me and blesses me.
I affirm the lightbeings in G-d’s service who support and guide me.
I affirm the blessings of Abraham and Sarah in my life.
I affirm the sacrifice of Isaac and G-d’s power over my life and death.
I affirm G-d’s holiness and my growth toward it.

I place my Self under the protection of the Sephirah of Keter which will shield me from all harm and neutralise it.
I invoke the flash of Hokhmah to align my intellect to clarity and purposefulness, to inspiration and realisation.
I invoke the care of Binah to lead me to G-d’s heart.
I invoke the abundance of Hesed to bring me to atonement.
I invoke the power of Gevurah to see me through trouble and lead me to redemption.
I place my Self at the compassionate heart of G-d’s Tif’eret and affirm the healing, balancing and integrative centering light within me.
I support my Self on the pillar of Nezah channelling to me all manner of blessing and prosperity, and place it at the disposal of the redeeming Messiah, unfolding to witness the Shekhinnah‘s residing in Zion.
I support my Self on the pillar of Hod, making order in my life, gathering all the forces from dispersion and settling them in the blessed Jerusalem where I offer my thanks to G-d’s glory.
I base my Self on the foundation of Yesod to act righteously and justly, to assist all righteous effort in the world and to become peace-full to work for peace.
I affirm that Malkhut, the Shekhinnah, is the one offering these affirmations in me and is attracting the flow of blessing to suffuse my life.

3 Responses to “An Affirmation on the Tree of life”

  1. Ayrkain Says:

    Can we get this in Hebrew as well? I feel it’s important to meditate on the letters while reading the Hebrew, and then if you need English, to read it in English for understanding.

  2. Gabbai Seth Fishman (Blog Editor) Says:

    Shalom Aykrain:
    I have asked Reb Zalman if he has the original Hebrew. I will post it if I get it.


  3. Gabbai Seth Fishman (Blog Editor) Says:

    From Zalman:
    “No I do not have this in Hebrew.
    “Hebrew is not so conducive to these affirmations – it would not be classical – but Hebrew as a modern language and it would miss the point. Nevertheless I will bli neder try my hand at it”

    Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

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