An Organismic Way to Reality

A different and organismic way to understand the Sparks and other Kabbalistic Ideas

In order to have a better reality map, I look at the terminology of the Kabbalah and then I ask – “Do its teachings relate to the quantum field?”

A [key] question [of one’s reality map] is, “What is it that the soul intuited and came to [see as] knowledge?”

The soul’s intuition (and Kabbalah’s) is of a spiritual totality which happens in the right hemisphere of the brain where representation is not done through words.  However, in order to remember what I have experienced I have to tell it to myself in the verbal/conceptual language of the left hemisphere.  For this, I have to find some words.

If I try to teach anything of Kabbalah to you,  I know that I have to use words to make myself understood.  On your part, I need to invite you to stretch from the words into what the words contained in their inner meaning. My challenge in the communication is in trying to describe something for which there is not a good vocabulary.

Therefore, to explain Kabbalah we borrow vocabulary from left-brain philosophy. Unless we learn how to hear what is behind these words and to find and attune the reality in the words to the vibratory regions of consciousness to which they refer, the words will not convey the reality that lies behind them.

Remember that  all descriptions from mysticism are translations from the experienced reality. The reality was experienced and made conscious by the right brain sensors in a simultaneous way with all the inherent paradoxes occurring to  one in that consciousness in a parallel fashion. However, the only way that theophany is forwarded to the left brain is in serial fashion – one word at a time.

Unless you, the recipient, are able to somewhat restructure the information — by emulating the parallel manner of the original intuitive experience and by making way for incorporating the paradoxes through disconnecting the censor who waylays the information with its protestations of “contradiction!”  — then the communication of the right brain will seem worthless and ridiculous.

R’ Yitzchak Luria insisted that all his teachings and the terminology he used were analogues for what he really wanted to say.  And in the story of the Baal Shem Tov and the Maggid who quotes to him the passage in left brain manner, when the Baal Shem Tov teaches them to him, he realized the underlying reality by attuning to the Baal Shem Tov  and experiencing the teachings in the manner of right hemisphere.

How is the statement that there “be light” [“Let there be light”] to be understood in our time, (the AR”I called it hargashat shlemut ha’atzmut – the experience of feeling the utter perfection of the Godhead ).  What is meant by the word “light” when we refer to the energy system of the quantum field?

All over, the boson, the ‘God particle,’ is essential in the chain of being. A mystic can become aware of some of those higher regions by attuning to that area of the cosmic continuum. The garments in which we dress those divine spiritual entities are themselves also part of divine grace and particularity for our own area of the universe. And in this way the understanding that even the vessels are as sacred and divine as the lights are begins to make a certain kind of sense.

To find a way to train oneself and other people into right brain emulation of what is studied from texts in print and in other verbal media is one of the highest priorities for the epistemology that may be of help to heal the planet.

(I am astonished and surprised to see how my work and davenology was trying to do just that)

Reb Zalman

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