Comment and Prayer for our Beloved Reb Zalman

Just yesterday morning, the following comment was made by a participant during the Q&A at the end of Davvening with Reb Zalman.  (From the 5772 Shavuot retreat at Isabella Freedman with Reb Zalman and Eve, as overheard by Gabbai Seth Fishman, BLOG Editor.):

“Reb Zalman, I was thirteen with a Bar Mitzvah and then I sort of dropped out of my Jewish stuff. 

Then, I was twenty-nine, and Bobbie Kennedy was killed, (I was working for him).  I went to Mexico.

(I think that [the assassination] might have had something to do with it) – I wrote you a letter. 

You started sending me tapes, songs and chassidic…, you were sending me cassettes of songs, Chassidic songs and stories.  And you kept reaching out. 

You opened the doors for me, (years later I worked with you), you opened the doors to this rich tradition.  It’s vast and full of love and joy and wisdom.

I’m so grateful to you. 

We’re all grateful to you.

I’m so glad, I’m so glad you’re alive and kicking and doing what you’re doing.  And keep on doing it for a long time, please.

AMEN (applause and shouts).”

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  1. neal & carol rose Says:

    so are we all! thanks for giving us an opportunity to share our gratitude! Amen & much love,
    R’Neal & Carol rose

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