Jewish Renewal Hasidus
החסידות של התחדשות היחדות

WELCOME TO JewishRenewalHasidus.org, a site which integrates these two ideas: Jewish Renewal and Hasidus as it is now done in זמן מזל דלי / the Age of Aquarius.


Teachings of Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (a’h) on Davenology, Paradigm Shift, Calendar, Deep Ecumenism, Hasidus and Kabbalah. Here you will find hundreds of entries, many of them authored by Reb Zalman himself, containing some of his teachings.



People who are excited by Reb Zalman and his teachings. People who are just curious, want to learn more about Jewish Renewal or Hasidus.


The site was started in 2007 as a BLOG hosted by the Yesod Foundation’s, Reb Zalman Legacy Project. In 2012 when Reb Zalman’s archives were moved from Naropa University to the University of Colorado’s Zalman M. Schachter Shalomi Collection, this BLOG became independent. Find us at Alliance for Jewish Renewal Kol Aleph under LEARNING RESOURCES

The site continues to be focused on his teachings and will, from time to time, host new content. Try using the search as the best way to navigate.


Born in 1954 in Brooklyn, I grew up in a secular Jewish home, though I always felt spiritual. I was shaped by the social and political forces of the late 1960’s and 70’s. In 1989, I met Reb Zalman. I began working for him as a gabbai in 1990. I am active in the Jewish Ritual life of Bucks County, PA where I live and davven, study and teach Hasidus and Jewish Renewal. I received my B.A. from Yale in Music in 1976 and MBA from Wharton School of Business in 1986. My parnassah comes from working on computer systems for Exelon Corporation. I am happily married with two daughters. Please contact me at rebzgabbai@verizon.net

Gabbai Seth Fishman

Gabbai Seth Fishman