Tzur mishelo


Hashem you fed us dinner

Let us all give thanks

We ate and are sated

The gift of your hands



You nurture us and others

Our shepherd and our host

We ate of your bounty

And drank of your vineyards

Now we give our thank-yous

With the mouth that ate your food

Singing and praising

Your holy repute


We sing to You our God

We offer You our thanks

For earth and her harvest

With which we are gifted

Our souls are also glad

For the plenty that we had

Your love fills our being

Your truth fills our mind


We need Your kind attention

So needy are Your folk

To come to Your Temple

On Zionís holy Hill

May Davidís heir redeem us

May he soon arrive

We long for his redeeming

To reinvigorate our life.


Your holy house rebuild now

Let Zions streets be filled

New music will we make

New songs we all will sing

Compassionate of Blessings

We sing to you our grace

And raise our cup of thankfulness

For Your presence in our lives.