I pray -- to You God, -
that the power residing
in God's Great Name
be increased and made sacred,
in this world
which God created freely
in order to preside in it,
and grow its freeing power
and bring about the messianic era.
May this happen
during your lifetime
and during the lifetime of all of us
living now - - the house of Israel.
May this happen soon, without delay
and by saying AMEN
we express our agreement and hope.
" May that immense power
residing in God's great name
flow freely
into our world
and worlds beyond."
May that Great Name,
that sacred energy,
be shaped
and made effective
and be acknowledged
and be given the right honor
and be seen as beautiful
and uplifting
and bring jubilation.
Way beyond
our input
of worshipful song and praise
which we express in this world
as our agreement and hope AMEN.
May that endless peace
that heaven can release for us
bring about the good life
for us and for all Israel
as we express our agreement and hope AMEN.
You, who harmonize it all
on the highest planes -
bring harmony and peace to us,
to all Israel and all sentient beings
as we express our agreement and hope AMEN