Yom Shabbaton eyn lishko’ach



 י You, dear Shabbat, are always here for me;

How fragrant you linger in my awareness.

Noah’s dove found rest and so can we,

Weary ones from the toil of the week.


ה  Honored are you by us, the believers,

Parents and children, who keep you with zeal.

Powerful is its message on the Tablets of stone;

We sing your praises in prayer and at meals.


ו  When at the Mount Sinai in covenant we pledged

We promised in one voice to do and to listen,

Responding to Your challenge we answered together:

You God are the One who imbues us with strength.


ד  Dear and Holy at Sinai you spoke to us;

“Remember and Keep this Day one of Seven,

When fully you keep the Shabbat together,

You will be refreshed and with vigor imbued.


ה  How just like a lost sheep, so aimless, you wandered

Remember the Shabbat your promise and pledge

No evil will hurt you if you keep the Shabbat

My rainbow will hold you in safety forever.”