Yedid Nefesh - You who love my soul


י  You who love my soul

Compassion's gentle source,

Take my disposition and shape it to Your will.

Like a darting deer I will flee to You.

Before Your glorious Presence  

Humbly I do bow.

Let Your sweet love  

Delight me with its thrill

Because no other dainty

Will my hunger still.


ה How splendid is Your light

Which worlds do reflect!

My soul is worn from craving

For Your love's delight.

Please, good God, do heal her  

And show to her Your face,

So my soul can see You 

And bathe in Your grace.

There she will find strength 

And healing in this sight.       

Her joy will be complete then 

Eternal her delight.


ו  What pity stirs in You  

Since days of old, my God!

Be kind to me Your own child 

Begotten by Your love.

For long and longing hours  

I yearned for Your embrace

To see my light in Your light 

Basking in Your grace.

My heart's desire is 

To harmonize with Yours

Do not conceal Your pity 

Hide not that light of Yours.


ה Help, my Lover, spread

   Your canopy of peace.

Enfold all human beings

Give all pain surcease.

Your presence on this earth plane 

Do make known to us

And we shall respond then  

With song and with dance.

Rush, my love, be quick, 

The time for love is now,

Let Your gentle favor

    Grace us as of old...