A liturgy for




Ps 102  - t’fillah l’aniy – ki ya’atof


When feeling all down and out

     wrapped in a Tallit

      I pray and pour out

     to God my concern

     in heartfelt talk.

Yah! hear my prayer –

allow my pleading to reach you

On such a day

when I am sad and depressed

        please don’t make things worse

        by hiding from me  --

        but attend now, this day,

        to my calling You and please

        hurry to answer me.

My days have been scattered

like smoke in the wind

and my being is arid

as if dried in a kiln.


Like grass hit by hail

And then shriveled

So my heart hurt

My appetite is gone.


The groan of my sighs

Made my flesh stick to my bones

I felt like a vulture,

Like a buzzard seeking carrion.


When calmed I feel

like a free single bird

Sitting on a roof –


While all day long

The voices of my foes sneer

They swear

that I will be damned.


You did look down

from Your high place

Yah You saw me

in a heavenly gaze.


You heard a prisoner’s appeal

You freed one condemned

to death.


You are always

There is no end to Your years


There will yet be

descendants of mine

And their seed yet

Who will serve You.


A penitential song


As the moon is waning

May my guilt wane too

May the time of dark

Ready me for the light.


The weave of my deeds

Contains strands of wrongs

You see them clearly

May I too fully see them.


You gifted us with Rosh Hodesh

To renew our heads and hearts.

That we might weave

a better life.

This coming month


May we find our home in You

And dwell there belonging

Cleared from sin – in peace,

in harmony with

what You hope for us.


Would that soon we may

With our loved ones come to You

Worshipping on New Moon days

In Your sacred place.





El Melekh Yoshev

You sit firm on Your judgment seat

Enthroned on high,

And one by one our trespasses

In t’shuvah pass You by.

Almighty King, Your governing

Is with tender love replete.

Absolve we pray, our fears allay,

With mercy judgment mete.


How high You dwell,

our Rock and Shield'

Enthroned in might,

And you forgive  each one their sins,

From scarlet You  make white.

O Ruler wise, before Your eyes,

Our frailties stand revealed.

Your judgment be with empathy,

Your might with mercy wield.


When first You taught

Your attributes

Thirteen for us to say.

Remember then Your covenant

With us unto this day.

O living Fount, on Sinai's mount

You set Your nation's roots.

The truth, Your seal. You did reveal,

And none Your word refutes.


How You did did hold in holy glow

Your prophet Moses there.

Invoked he then Your name, O God,

And thus did You declare;

Yud Heh Vav Heh, Yud Heh Vav Heh

To wrath and anger slow,

Forgiving sin, our hearts to win,

To thousands mercy show."


You answered Abraham at Mt. Moriyah

May you answer us

Hu ya’anenu


Avinu malkeynu